Rockhounds and Pebble Puppies are calling it an end of an era.For 55 years, the Victoria Gem and Mineral Society has placed on a big hobby program drawing big crowds.But this year members and suppliers will certainly place on their last Gem, Fashion jewelry and Mineral Show.The society is calling it gives up on the show so members can concentrate on the gems and minerals they love.Its going to be quite melancholy this year, said

board member Patty Shay. Resembled family.She said people have a lot of fond memories at the show due to the fact that its simply something

that went on every year for so long.Thats where her earliest boy, Michael, selectedchose his better half engagement ring and her youngest normally helps a vendor out

with their booth.Shay said ending the three-day show was essential for the survival of the organization.She has actually had various functions, including head of state of the nonprofit

given that her family joined numerous years earlier. She now manages the website and newsletter.Were just struggling right

now, she said. You can just do so much.She stated members are growing older, and its been more difficult to recruit brand-new members while planning the next show.We were not able to do the things that would make our club grow, she said.The society began in October 1959 with 40 members and had its first Gem, Fashion jewelry and Mineral Show back in 1960. Today there are 29 adult members and eight junior members.Historian Leola Camp stated of those members, just a

few have the ability to participate.To placed on a good show well need more workers, she said

. Camp, who will certainly be recognized with her spouse Howard for their service at Fridays show, stated she joined about 1987 and quickly after that started the students day and the quiet auction.

Her other half is known for running the Wheel of Fortune at the program, where he tumbles rocks for

eventgoers.She said in its prime time, the show was a popular field journey for location

schools. However involvement from schools has waned.One year we had more than 3,000 students, she said.That was the year Cuero Independent School District brought all of its students from kindergarten to 12th grade and its personnel. Everyone came that year, she said.That was in the mid-nineties. This year they anticipate about 300 approximately students, generally 4th -and fifth-graders. Shay stated kids take pleasure in discoveringdiscovering rocks. They come to see exactly what a topaz looks like or fossilized

teeth.These kids cant get enough, she said.

The show has things these children wouldnt be exposed to otherwise.Show chairman and treasurer Ken Lemke stated the occasion was successfulachieved success for so long because the society has some very dedicated and hard-working members.Each day

of the show will be dedicated to longtime members, including the Camps, Jay and Mary Allison, and Doris Woppy Gisler who joined when the event was in the Patti Welder gym.In 1972, the program was transferred to the Victoria Community Center.Lemke stated the costs

associatedrelated to the show have enhanced, and they can not pass those onto the vendors.The 55th Gem, Jewelry and Mineral Program will feature 17 vendors from throughout Texas, consisting of booths with handcrafted jewelry, rough rock, beads, fossils and a devices supplier, he said. There likewise will certainly be about a dozen display cases of gems and minerals thanks to the members possess collections.Lemke states he sees completion of the show as a revitalization of the club.This club has actually been in presence for a long time, he said.Over the years, the society has actually donated funds to the zoo

, Meals on Wheels, the Womens Crisis Center and scholarships for Victoria Institution of higher learning of Houston-Victoria.

Next month, members will certainly vote on brand-new officers and will concentrateconcentrate on bringing experts and preparing future rock hunting trips.The society used to satisfy at the Victoria Electric Co-op for lots of years howevernow is fulfilling at 7 pm the very first Friday of monthly at the Victoria Art League. Subscription costs$10 a year for grownups and$3 a year for those more youthful than 17. Lemke said among the junior members, Aaron Points, 17, concerns the meetings with all kinds of rocks to show others.He stated his enthusiasm gives him expect the societys future.The Hallettsville Senior high school junior said he wantswishes to be a geologist. He stated hes always enjoyed rocks, however meeting members at the program assisted strengthen his career choice.He stated hes enthusiastic that if membership grows, the society can begin the programs once more. Points stated he typically helps senior members with some of the heavy lifting and physical tasks.I do whatever is required since manya lot of them are a lot older, he said.He said he suches as everything from the chemistry to the history of how the materials form.It might just be a daily rock, but it has a history, he said. You just got to figure out the story and how it came about.SHARE Remarks

My prestigious associate Joe Holleman kicked up a little difficulty in his column this past weekend when he revealed bafflement that film theaters and restaurants in California may have been– however ultimately werent!– required to provide baby-changing stations in their mens rooms.The Sherpas elegant solution to the larger matter of bringing children to film theaters and restaurants?”Keep your infants at homein your home.”Now, I cant speak with the question of

infants in moviecinema. I cant stay up to date with my Netflix line, let alone whats playing now at the AMC 74. But when it pertains to the issue of children in restaurants, I do not think Im puffing my chest to call myself a specialist. Im a full-time dining establishment critic, and my spouse and I are moms and dads of a 14-month-old. So, with all due respect to Holleman– who, besides being my associate, is a swell man who has actually revealed me fantastic sympathy while my beloved Orioles are being steamrolled by the Royals– I should disagree.Parents, you neednt stay clear of all dining establishments until your children are old enough to require that their chicken

be free-range and their beef grass-fed. You must, however, utilize some typical sense.As a general policy, the more expensive a restaurant is, the less ideal

it is to bring your baby there. And the most costly restaurants should be completely off-limits. Dont bring your child to Tonys.That stated, nowadays the most exciting brand-new dining establishments tend to be more casual spots, not palaces of fine dining. So is a restaurant that, state, encourages communal sharing of small plates likewise by definition family-friendly? Its dicey. In 2013, when our little girl was just 2 months old, my other half and I brought her to a restaurant that, in hindsight, we probably shouldnt have. Now, the location wasnt fancy, but it was sophisticated. Trendy

, if you such as.(It ranked really highly on my list of ins 2013 best brand-new spots.)We gambled that we could position our children car seat in the booth with us which, at her age, she would sleep through dinner. We were incorrect. She fussed, and one of us had to hold her. We were lucky that it was Halloween evening, and the place wasnt busy.When in doubt, call the restaurant ahead of time. Do not state,”Were can be found in with a baby. You can accommodate us, right? “Say youre actually interested in dining there but cant discover a babysitter(or whatever)and were wondering if it would be OKAY to bring your infant along. It does not harmed to include that you absolutely understand if the restaurant cant accommodate you and that you definitely will provide them a shot when circumstances allow it.Youre confident that your dining location is baby-friendly? Once more: Use typical sense, and be considerate. Bring a treat for the kid, a toy or two to keep them occupied and, above all else, a pacifier. Give the personnel profuse thanks for even such simple steps as bringing your infant a cup of water with a lid and straw. Tidy up all the Cheerios your baby will spread under your table.Is the infant losing it? Take her out of the dining room for a bit. Is the infant actually losing it? Time to box up your meal and go home.Does the infant require his diaper changed? Concerned that the toilet wont have a changing station? Buy a portable

altering mat. It folds into your baby diaper bag. DONT USE IT AT THE TABLE.Tip well.As for you, chefs and restaurateurs: If you truly wantwish to minimize the number of children in

your establishment without posting a NO BABIES sign on the front door, then I provide this piece of negative however likely very efficient advice.Dont keep any high chairs around.Trust me. Keeping a squirming, getting 14-month-old who is

sitting in a high chair in check is difficult enough. Make a parent hold that squirming, grabbing 14-month-old in one arm throughout the whole meal?Im trembling just envisioning the scenario.

Creative masterpieces, food, enjoyable and home entertainment filled the streets of downtown Pascagoula on Saturday. (Photo source: WLOX)

The 34th Annual Arts and Crafts Program will certainly take placeoccur Sunday at Boone Woods Park.(Photo: Offered)

Because the cops shooting of Michael Brown and the response in the streets, militarization of the police, specifically with surplus military hardware like armored automobiles, has actually been a hot subject, both in the news and in Congress. And thats an excellentan advantage.

But the equipment we can see on the news isn’t the only thing flowing from our military to local cops. Alongside armored vehicles and weapons, local authorities are getting security technology with assistance from the federal government. And while we don’t understand the full shapes of that aid, what we do know is uneasy and should stimulate more scrutiny, both locally and nationally.

The threats of militarizing the regional cops are easy to see– and they’re compounded by folding local law enforcement into homeland security. Military innovation, and suspicionless mass security, are based on a military mindset– everyone is a possible opponent and nobody is entitled to personal privacy. While some legislators validate this shift by indicating the “war on drugs” and “the war on horror,” the United States is not technically a battle zone. This raises the specter of the Posse Comitatus Act, passed in the late 1800s to prevent use of the military in domestic law enforcement.

Congress is Finally Taking an Appearance into the Transfers of Hardware

Luckily, Congress is beginningbeginning to take seriously some parts of this change of regional law enforcement. On September 9, spurred on by the terrible use of military innovation on the streets of Ferguson, the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee held a hearing on “the effectiveness of federal programs that offer state and regional police with surplus military equipment and grant financing for workouts and for training.” The hearing took a look at the Department of Defense (DOD) 1033 program– which permits the DOD to offerdistribute for complimentarytotally free surplus devices to local police, the Department of Homeland Securitys (DHS) Homeland Security Grant Programs, and the Department of Justices Justice Help Grant (JAG) program.

Each of these three programs has actually transferred countless dollars of devices and funding to regional police, from bayonets to drones. This consists of financing for fusion centers, the state and regional criminal intelligence details clearinghouses that permit regional police to access and input info into federal databases like the FBI’s eGuardian without even satisfying a possible cause standard

The hearing gave the committee a chance to hear direct testimony from representatives of these three programs, in addition to other professionals and stakeholders. Written statements from speakers are readily available right here. Senators closely questioned the agents of each of the 3 programs, exposing some surprising truths:

  • The DOD and DHS do not supply any training to departments that get equipment or cash from them, including high tech surveillance devices like drones and mine-resistant ambush-protected cars (MRAPs).
  • None of the firms check out whether a state or regional law enforcement agency is under active investigation or has a history of civil rights or civil liberties offenses.
  • Prior to Ferguson, these 3 officials had actually never ever satisfied, even though they were supplying similar devices and financing for equipment to the exact same authorities departments.
  • The overall variety of pieces of regulated property, such as weapons, presently in the possession of law enforcement agencies is approximately 460,000.

The concerns that were not answered, or partially answered, were likewise revealing:

  • “Exactly what (is) the difference between a militarized and progressively federalized policepolice and a standing military?
  • When was the last time you can recall that devices from the 1033 program was utilized for counterterrorism?”

The total photo that arised was that the federal authorities are prepared to money security and military innovations to regional police but offer little or no training to authorities officers– and have no policies in place to guarantee this equipment isn’t misused. The White Home is carrying out a review of these programs, and while there is no clear timeline for conclusion, its a step in the best direction

Security Is entitled to an Appearance Too

Congress and the White Residence needhave to include surveillance technologies in their queries. The same money that funds MRAPs and night vision goggles likewise funds intelligence celebration at the local level. DHSs Homeland Security Grant Program straight funds combination centers. In truth, its 2014 grant statement emphasized that funding fusion centers and integrating them country wide is a high concern. And DHS Urban Area Security Effort cash funds occasions like Urban Shield, a 4 day long occasion that featured preparedness workouts along with a marketplace of military and security innovation.

Another possible opportunity for review is the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board (PCLOB). PCLOB requested public comments on its suggested mid- and long-lasting program, which includes an examination of the “functional standards made use of for Suspicious Activity Reporting (SAR),” a program coordinated through blend centers.1 EFF, together with others, submitted comments encouraging PCLOB to take a close look more usually at blend centers. The comments emphasized that liability for blend centers, like all the programs assessed in the Senate hearing, is a significant trouble:

The bidirectional flow of information in combination centers, along with interagency cooperation and jurisdictional blurriness, makes responsibility and a clear understanding of the applicability of laws and regulations difficult … In the middle of this uncertain and opaque environment, fusion centers have access to a shocking amount of data consisting of the FBIs eGuardian database and a variety of other federal databases. They may even possibly have access to unminimized NSA information. And as data gathered under the bothersome SAR requirements is gotten in into these databases, the lines of responsibility for unconstitutional invasions of privacy and civil liberties end up being ever more unclear.

Regional Cops, Regional Action

There is a silver lining to each one of this, though. Unlike the onerous task of reforming the NSA, FBI, and other federal companies, dealing with militarization of and security by regional law enforcement is much simplera lot easier for grassroots lobbyists. Groups like the union that assisted press the Urban Shield exercise out of Oakland, the union that stopped Berkeley from acquiring an armored car, and the coalition that helped to stop the purchase of a drone in Alameda County, are springing up all over the nation.

For those worried about the use of military monitoring equipment domestically, it’s a good time to do some study into your own local government to find out not only whether they are acquiring the kinds of military devices that you can see, but also whether they are acquiring surveillance technologies that you can not. Public records act requests are an excellent way to finddiscover whether your town or city has gotten any of these funds and how it has, or strategies to, invest them. Let us know exactly what you discoverdiscover, and let your elected officials know what you believe.

Former displayed artifacts at the Santiam Historic Society (visualized). Thousands of items were moved from the gallery into storage earlier this year to make method for Stayton’s courthouse. Image taken Tuesday, Dec. 31, 2013.
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The Other War: Military posts airstrike videos on YouTube, Twitter

SEATTLE, Wash.– The United States Military was virtually live tweeting its airstrike project in Syria when you consider how rapidly it published crisp,

Theres no much better method to prove your self-worth is on the mend than by publishing an uncomplimentary Instagram!

Tallulah Willis completed rehabilitation in September for compound abuse and body image concerns, and it appears Bruce and Demis child is growing more positive every day, because not a lot of people would choose to share a photo of themselves enjoying greasy french fries and cigarette smoking cigarettes while lounging in a bikini!

The 20-year-old popular 90 days of sobriety recently, and it appears her time in treatment really changed her outlook on life. 90 days ago i was a mucky mess. things are not ideal by any methods however i radiate more postive energy on a day-to-daydaily then i ever thought possible. no longer permitting chemicals to penetrate my bod was the best choice ive ever made. heres 90 more days. woot woot! she composed on her social networks account.

Its nice to see her so delighted and relaxed!

Vicki Buckhalter of Jena looks at choices at one of the arts and crafts booths at the Fall Natural herb Day Arts and Crafts Celebration held Saturday at Kent Plantation Residence in Alexandria. “We try to do it as often as we can,” she said of attending the Kent House festival. “It’s one of my favorite activities.”.
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