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IRVINE, Calif., April 8, 2015 TEN: The Lover Network, the worlds premier network of lover brand names, is delighted to reveal the launch of 9 action and adventure media hubs including TENs initial material and Vimeos substantial VOD magazine. The sport-specific websites are part of a special collaboration TEN inked just recently with Vimeo, enabling 10s network of action and experience titles to sell premium ad-free content from the Internet-video business transactional video gamer directly on their sites. The centers, set to release throughout the week, include: GRINDTV, BROWSING, WEB SURFER, NEWSCHOOLERS, SNOWBOARDER, TRANSWORLD SNOWBOARDING, TRANSWORLD SKATEBOARDING, TRANSWORLD MOTOCROSS and POWDER.

In addition to a curated choice from Vimeos magazine, each center will frequently debut initial brand-created videos and unique archived material that highlights the brands rich history. GRINDTV, as a thorough site for all action and adventure sports, will function as a one-stop storelook for material from all of the sites.

We are committed to providing premium video material from our market leading action and adventure brand names in brand-new distribution channels, states 10s Senior Vice President, Digital, Sports amp; Home entertainment, Greg Morrow. Video on need centers are completely fit for linking our enthusiastic user base with high-quality, ad-free content on our web sites while providing us with extra income streams.

The VOD Publisher Network was introduced to extend Vimeos premium high quality content experience to larger audiences, while introducing new revenue streams for partners, stated Richard Flower, VP, Earnings and Operations, Vimeo. The VOD centers TEN has built are a perfect representation of the power of premium video and we are delighted to have them onboard as partner.

The Vimeo VOD platform enables audiences to rent or buy titles straight on the TEN media sites through Vimeos transactional video gamer. Videos can then be seen on any linked gadget. More shops will be released for added TEN websites in the months to come.

About 10: The Enthusiast Network

10: The Lover Network is the worlds premier network of lover brand names, such as MOTOR TREND, AUTOMOBILE, HOT ROD, INTERNET USER, TRANSWORLD SKATEBOARDING, and GRINDTV. With more than 50 publications, 60 websites, 50 occasions, 1,000 top quality products, the worlds biggest automobile VOD channel, and the worlds largest action/adventure sports media platform, 10 influences lovers to pursue their enthusiasms. For more infoTo find out more, see

Tech is hot. Start-ups are cool. You needhave to look no additionally than the Sunday night line-up on HBO or the pages of the New York Times to understand that Silicon Valley is the present it location for young talent.

As a New york city finance guy turned San Francisco tech start-up person, I often get presented to friends-of-friends who want to burglarize tech. These friends-of-friends are commonly smart twenty-somethings who followed the paths laid from their prestigious schools to big professional service law firms or other huge business tasks. It isn’t up until a couple of years because they recognize its time for a career switch, and right now, they often cast their eyes to tech.

Ive seen several of the folks Ive spoken to prosper in securing brand-new functions at fast growing tech companies. And Ive saw an unfortunate share flounder in the recruiting process and afterwards fail. Neither group has software coding abilities, so what sets the effective ones apart from the unsuccessful? How did they get their jobs and exactly what can you discover from their experiences?Before I started at an early phase fintech business, Personal Capital, I was fortunate to have had previous experience at a large tech business, Hewlett-Packard, and got my MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Company. Those opportunities opened doors. Though I understand my experience was atypical, much can be learned from the process I went through and that Ive seen others go through. Right here are some suggestions for landing your dream tech task:1. Fine-tune Your Browse If I get on the phone with somebody interested in working vaguely at a

tech start-up, Ill roll my eyes and wish the conversation would end. Tech is too broad a term, as technology has pervaded every aspect of our economy. Start-up can also suggest anything from a number of individuals playing in a garage to a fast-growing billion-dollar business ready to IPO. One friend of mine, a previous executive for a leading Valley company, informed me

about the MBAs he has actually consulted with who state theyre interested in working at Uber, Airbnb, Square, Pinterest, and Dropbox. These are all companies worth more than$1 billion. A remark like that signals to an executive or an employer that you care less about the company and the issue the company is attempting to address, and more about the most currentthe current appraisal. Instead, figure out what area of tech excites you. Do you desirewish to work in a B2B business? What about customer tech? Software application? Or hardware? Edtech? Maybe fintech? When youve determined the area of tech you want to go into, check outreview the companies in the space and follow them in the news for months. Youll be surprised how much youll learn that will certainly position you well for your eventual interviews and to hit the ground running when you begin that dream job. Youll likewise want to be sharp about which size and phase of company youre searching for. Seed-stage start-ups tend to have only a couple ofjust a few workers. Series A or B-backed start-ups tend

to have 10-50 workers and look like little companiessmall companies. And unicorn-level start-ups frequently appear like big business. The bigger the company the more narrow your role will certainly be and the less risk youll most likely be handling. Its crucial to do some soul-searching about just how much threat and reward youre trying to find, understanding that risk and benefit frequently need to be compromised. 2. Identify the Companys Growth Locations All start-ups want to grow at blistering speeds. These companies tend to be spending cash far quicker than they make it to feed their investors needs for growth. As you improve your search and construct a list of the

tech start-ups youd prefer to work at, startbegin to

comprehend the development challenges each business faces.Growth can handle numerous kinds. Are they planning to grow their installed base of active users of a free service in their existing markets? Have they chose to broaden abroad to use brand-new possible markets? Do they requirehave to grow top-line testimonial by offering to non-paying users? Can they grow fundamental profitability by offering more services to paying customers? Do they need help hiring talent? The business growth requirements are likely to be associated with how old the business is and how lots ofthe number of rounds of moneying it has actually raised. A business having simply raised a seed round will likely be bringing an item to market for the first time, whereas a company on its fourth or fifth round of funding may be attempting to prove its existing growth rate is sustainable ahead of an IPO. To the degree you can, speak to business or market experts to comprehend the certain challenges dealing with each of the companies on your list.3. Understand Your Value Just because you cant code, does not suggest you cant get worked with. In fact, non-coders are in some cases best able to assist a business address its most challenging development issues. But you requirehave to know how

you and your experiences can be used to help. Companies are constantly searching for great sales people. In a B2B tech start-up, sales

is frequently king. Do you have past sales experience? Can you reveal your hustle? Imagine if you revealed up to a task interview with a couple of sales targets in mind that aren’t clients yet and a strategy to win their company. Count the recruiter impressed.All business have marketing functions. Marketing is a growing number of reliant on information, so a performance history of analytical skills can set you apart. And if not, there are still roles for excited people to deal with company blogs, handle social media accounts, and compose copy for advertisements or blog posts. Business development functions are extremelyincredibly popular. Many of these roles involve striking partnership agreements with other business that can result in wider distribution of a companys itemservice or product. Networking skills and deal experience are strong indications of success in this role. But simply since you worked in finance doesn’t suggest you understand offers. Many business just have a couple of people in these functions, and they are commonly more skilled, given how
considerably this function can form company-wide strategy. Be open to using multiple hats and having a more vague job description, specifically if youre talking to an extremely early-stage business. However do not let the Ill do anything attitude reveal a lack of concentrate on your part. You can reveal you have particular skills that will push the companys development while still providing yourself as open to take on new challenges as they emerge. 4. Nail The Interview Treat every conversation with a company youd think about working at as if its an interview. The employing procedures

at these business tend to be less formal than at huge business, so there is no informational interview. Make no mistake about it: the company representative is judging you and determining, in real time, if and how they could include you to their team. So, utilize that to your benefit. Be bold and request for a job. When I was trying to find a summer season internship during company school, I had many conversations with target companies I desired to

work at. They led nowhere. And afterwards I moved course and went back to among my strengths: my PowerPoint skills. I then began every conversation with three slides. The first slide discussed who I was and why I loved the business product. The 2nd slide described what I viewed as the business significant locations of development and its greatest challenges to accomplishing that growth. The 3rd slide detailed 3 potential tasks I might finish

over the summer. The slides worked. Interviewers were impressed, and I had job multiple offers in a matter of days. I do not question that if youre equally as ready and come with particular and suitable ways you can assist a company grow that you too can see success.Go Get the Job Cant code? Don’t let that dissuade you from pursuing a task at a tech start-up. Instead, let that inspire you to do some soul-searching, researching, and comprehending your value. Once you do, youll be in an exceptional position to make your case to a tech start-up that you are the ideal fit for their company.

I have actually never been a fan of the term dream job, because as a task search rookie your objective ought to be to get the ideal job, not the dream task. The reality of your very first job search is that right out of college, you might be laced with impractical expectations. Generation Y and Z, the college kids and 20-somethings, have regrettably been offered a stereotype. We are seen as the entitled generation, and with that comes an upward battle to prove our worth to a company.

Exactly what is college failing to teach us about the real task search? Are we provided impractical expectations about the task search? Is there a reasona reason nobody informs us on the unspoken policies when using and interviewing? As a young expert, there are things I want somebody would have offered me a heads up about throughout the job search and interview procedure. Occasionally simple mistakes are putting qualified prospects at the bottom of the barrel.

Think How to Lose a Man in 10 Days– however instead, How to Lose a Task in 10 Ways.1.

Your resume is 2 pages.

Long story short, your resume need to not be 2 pages unless you have been working for twenty plus years. The only things that need to be on your resume are pertinentmatter work experience, educational background, and any added details about you that a company would find attractive. If you are applyingmaking an application for your very first task out of college, end anything from high school, that ship has cruised.

2. You ask too simple of concerns in an interview.

Your questions should be believedconsidered, ready, and provided in a methodin such a way that makes you look smart about the company or business you are applying with. Do not ask concerns that might be responded to in a simple Google search.

3. You fail to look the part.

The way you look matters despite what people will inform you. Now, with that being stated, that does not imply that you require to be attractive to get a job. It just means that you need to look the part for the job you are applyingmaking an application for. Regardless of exactly what the gown code is for the business, you need to show up to the interview dressed in work outfit. You needhave to look buttoned up indicating your clothing should be ironed, your shoes ought to be clean, and your face assembled.

For the females: Refined cosmetics is constantly your finest choice. For the males: See to it your hair is clean and from your face (well, this really appliesputs on both!). If you are employed, you will certainly be a reflection of the company, and they want individuals who will certainly represent them in a favorable light.

4. You inquire about income prior to you are formally provided the job.

It is never ever appropriate in any scenario to ask about exactly what you will certainly be making in the task prior to the business offers an official offer letter.

5. You show up late to the interview.

This seems like typicalgood sense, but you would be surprised. Whatever your time slot is for the interview, you must prepare to show up 15 minutes early. Arriving late for an interview is inappropriate, and the business will not care that you strike traffic or might not discover the structure. Strategy ahead and take into considerationconsider any delays you might deal with the day of the interview.

6. You fail to apply due to the fact that it states you require 2 years of experience.

This is the number one concern I get from current college graduates, how do I applymake an application for something when it says I need 2 years experience, and how do I get this experience when no one will provide me a task? You can get creative when discussing exactly what makes you certifiedgotten approved for a position. It does not necessarily needhave to be 2 years in a full-time gig to make you eligible to apply.

Have you done internships? Exactly what about volunteer work? Were you a captain on a group or a group leader in an extracurricular? You can spin experience in any way you desire, and use it to your advantage.

7. You are intimidated by a task title.

In shortSimply put, task titles vary from company to business. It is more of a question of do you desire to be a hugea big wheel in a little pond or a little fish in a huge pond? Both have advantages, however both will certainly likewise come with various task titles. Check out the experience in a task description prior to you get too hung up on what the title is.

8. Your social networks presence is negative.

The bestThe very best suggestions I can give is that you ought to be putting all your social media on private when you are on the job hunt. Even on private, companies will certainly find a way to dig into your past, but do your finest to make certain your online presence is favorable. Do not be terrifiedhesitate to Google yourself to see exactly what comes up. You do not desire the very first time you are coming across unfavorable press about yourself in an interview. Be prepared, be smart, and make good choices when it pertains to your online activity.

9. You bring your phone to an interview.

There is not any reason why you require your cell phone with you in an interview. Leave it in the car or at homein the house. The last thing you require is for the interviewee to come up and you are scrolling through Instagram. Keep it professional and stay focused on the job at hand. You can survive an hour or twoor 2 without having it glued to your hand, I guarantee!

10. You badmouth previous companies.

The company you are talking to with does not desire to hear negative remarks about your past experiences. Even if you have ill-will towards a past employer, that ought to not be coming up in any interview. It makes you look negative, na ve, and less than professional. Spin any and all experiences in a favorable light.

CLEVELAND, Ohio– TheAplastic Anemia amp; MDS International Foundation will hold a totally free conference from 8:30 am to 5 pm on Saturday, May 2, at the Cleveland Airport Marriott, 4277 W. 150th St., Cleveland. Medical specialists from the Cleveland Clinic, Childrens Health center of Wisconsin, Johns Hopkins University, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and Penn Presbyterian Medical Center will certainly share advances in medical diagnosis and treatment, as well as brand-new techniques for living well with bone marrow failure diseases. Topics include the mind/body connection, nutrition, sexuality, and handling tension.

The conference, the second of six being held this year in cities across the country, is provided to newly identified clients and long-term survivors with bone marrow failure illness, together with their householdmember of the family and caretakers. Advanced registration is required, and ends on April 28. For details or to sign up, go conferences or contact Angie Onofre at [email protected] or 301-279-7202 ext. 112.

Arthritis Expo in Lorain County

The Lorain County Arthritis Exposition will take placeoccur from 10:45 am to 2:30 pm Wednesday, May 13, at Lorain County Community College Spitzer Conference Center, 1005 Abbe Road N, Elyria. Co-sponsored by theArthritis Foundation and University Hospitals Elyria Medical Center, the yearly educational occasion provides the newest arthritis news and info. Exposition subjects include: The is the Anti-Inflammatory Diet and How Can It Help Me? Updates on Rheumatoid Arthritis and Gout pain; How Exercise Can Assist Arthritis; and Enjoy Life with Less Discomfort – Treatment Alternatives for Joint Discomfort. The day will consist of an arthritis advocacy update, displays from more than 40 neighborhood suppliers, door prizes and light refreshments. Advance registration is needed; go to or call 216-285-2836.

Educational event on heart health for ladies

Akron General Medical facility will certainly hold a girls-night-out academic event about heart diseasecardiovascular disease at 5:15 pm Thursday, May 21 at Akron General Health amp; Wellness – West, 4125 Medina Rd., Akron. Along with educational booths on subjects such as varicose veins, osteoporosis, stress management and sleep medication, Akron General and Cleveland Clinic heart and vascular specialists will be on hand to offer recommendations on attaining a healthier heart. From 6 to 7:15 pm, an interactive panel conversation on Preventing a Cardiac arrest: Exactly what Every Lady Requirements to Know will certainly be facilitated by WKYC Senior citizen Health Correspondent Monica Robins. Advance registration is required; go or call 330-344-7170.

This illustration released by the Centers for Disease Control portrays a three-dimensional (3D) computer-generated picture of a group of carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae germs. The creative recreation was based upon scanning electron micrographic images. A potentially lethal superbug resistant to prescription antibiotics infected seven patients, including two who died, and more than 100 others were exposed at a Southern California hospital through infected medical instruments, UCLA reported Wednesday Feb. 18, 2015.


The web is quickly the third best development, after bacon and Netflix, but it has been understood for the internet to be used versus you.

Its shocking, we knowwe understand, but many people have complained that they either lost their job, or got turned down for a job they appliedgot because their employer/potential employer didnt like something about their via the internet presence.

Task applications are now asking you to compose down anything youve ever written on Twitter, Facebook or other social network, that you believe might be incriminating to you.

One such application, included the concern:

Exists any unfavorable info, which you are awareknow, relating to you that might turn up in an internet search?

If yes please provide information …

Its not known which company produced this task application typeapplication, or why they disregarded to put a comma after yes, but its yet more proof, if it was needed, that your possible companies are typing your name into Google and clicking anything that may look incriminating versus you.

So, time to start erasing those sweary tweets, eh?


A teenager who took an iPad from a 2-year-old boy in a car park has actually been jailed after we brought you the story on KPRC 2 News and didnt need to touch him. Hes 2. Who steals from a 2-year-old? Get a job, stated the children mother, who didnt want to be identified.The Houston Cops Department was browsing for

the teen, who was shown on a security electronic camera stealing from the boy.

In Cheat Sheet, a regular series, working with supervisors for the most coveted positions draw back the drape on the typically prolonged and intricate audition procedures they put job prospects through. Today, leave the suit at housein the house and discoverlearn how to believe out loud if you wantwish to impress supervisors at Pinterest.

A nonlawyer good friend of mine has been extremely busy this past year. Due to an unexpected layoff and a lack of regional jobs, she had to find work in a various state. Her commute is driving six hours each method. She invests the week at work and weekends working from house and preparing for the week ahead. Any leftover time was invested with her husband and youngsters.

Over a month back, her mother called to state that she felt a lump in her bust and she desired to have it checkedhad a look at. My buddy stated that she couldnt drive back home simply for a basic office appointment so she asked her mom to find someone who might make residence calls or discover a doctor who is available on weekends. When they couldnt find anyone else, my friend unwillingly requested a time off, however it was a month in advance to make sure that any effecteffect on her work efficiency was very little.

A month passed and my pal and her mother went to the health center for a biopsy and an ultrasound. When everything was done, the physician refused to provide any specifics and said to await the test results. But my pal saw the ultrasound pictures and they appeared like the grim images she saw on the internet.

A couple of days later on, my pal discovered that her mom had Stage 3 bust cancer.

Many young specialists start their professions wantingwishing to increase to the top. However in the future, something happens that makes individuals think (or re-think) what is most crucialcrucial in life. And thats when they beginbegin to thinkthink of work-life balance.

Last week, there was a perky conversation about whether there is a place for work-life balance in law practice. A legal recruiter who bears a striking resemblance to Sensei John Kreese states in this post that we attorneys do not practice law to accomplish work-life balance. Work-life balance is for the weak. Here, in the courtroom, in Biglaw: Your profession path confronts you. Success requires dedication. Commitment needs no work-life balance.

If Sensei Kreese had his own law firm, associates would be required to recite this mantra prior to every firm conference to show their “dedication”:

Pals do not exist in this law company, do they?
Family does not exist in this law firmlaw practice, does it?
Enjoyable does not exist in this law companylaw practice, does it?
Exactly what do we practice here?
And exactly what is that way?
I cant hear you!

The chest-thumpers like Sensei Kreese and his curmudgeon cheerleaders seem to believe that desiring work-life balance is codespeak for wanting to have enjoyablehave a good time playing golf and stuff. They justify their rants by asserting that hard love rhetoric is required since law practice is a brutally competitive race where others will sweep the leg in order to win. Those who cannot hack it will run out commission.

Yes, work-life balance implies delighting in life and having enjoyable whenoccasionally. However its more than that. The life part of the work-life balance equation also has its bad moments. We need time do things to keep ourselves in shape mentally and physically like exercise, cook and consume healthy foods, and do something to minimize tension and blood pressure. And whenevery so often, we need time to deal with lifes curveballs, has a hard time, and catastrophes.

At job interviews, requesting or even talking about work-life balance is taboo, especially for young or non-established lawyers. We have to reveal that we’re the bestthe very best around and nothing’s going to ever keep us down. We inform employers that we are preparedwant to invest terrible summer seasons in the office to show our dedication. On the other hand, companies declare that they thinkcare about work-life balance but it might be superficial. I occasionally want that both companies and employees would be upfront about work-life balance, however Id have better luck capturing a fly with chopsticks. Because when money, careers, and company are at stake, both sides have to inform the other exactly what they wantwish to hear and hope that everything exercises on its own.

Work-life balance ought to not be puzzled with work-fun balance. There should be some time to have fun outside the workplace, however we understand that it is a low top priority in this business. Instead, we must try to have enjoyable doing our work. Those who enjoy law practice doing this since there are routine chances to find out something new. Unlike doing meaningless work like waxing automobiles, sanding floors, painting fences, and painting houses, all which teach definitely nothing.

But work-life balance is importantis very important due to the fact that it keeps us happy, healthy, and prevents small problems from becoming big ones. When it comes to my good friend, she prepares to invest more time with her mother. She will accompany her to the doctors workplace for more screening, chemotherapy sessions, and potentially surgical treatment. Ideally, they will certainly use this time together to have a heart-to-heart talk and to recollect about the greatgreat times they had.

Shannon Achimalbe was a previous solo professional for 5 years prior to choosing to sell out and return on the corporate ladder. Shannon can be reached at [email protected]