An examination by The Humane Society of the United States has actually discovered that a guys parka sold by merchant Kohls with the description faux-fur trim uses real fur from raccoon dogs.

The Humane Society tested the guys Ramp; O Hooded Parka that was acquired online for testing on June 23.

Raccoon dog fur is the species wed consider the most misrepresented, stated PJ Smith, the Humane Societys business outreach manager. He stated the raccoon pet dog traces back to Asia and is in the same household as the domestic dog, fox and wolf.

When the coat was acquired online by investigators, Smith stated it was sent out to a lab that identified with a fantastic degree of certainty that it was this specific species.

Kohls apologized to its customers Tuesday, saying the business was unaware of the real fur.

Kohls will certainly recognize returns, no questions asked, for any customers who not wish to keep them, the business stated in an e-mailed statement to UNITED STATE TODAY Network.

Its the second time in a year that the Humane Society has utilized investigators to reveal genuine fur marked as phony fur from Kohls– on Cyber Monday in December 2013, the organization released a customer warning that the retailer was selling handbags lined with genuine bunny fur.

No two means about it, the governing body of track and field in South Africa has made itself into one big worldwide boob. Nothing new there. However a current lawsuit by a former athlete is threatening to take it to the cleaners, and Athletics South Africa, the countrys governing body of sport, is pleading the International Association of Sports Federations to step in.

How has Sports SA screwed the pooch? Let us count the means:

  • First there was the cover up of Caster Semenyas previous gender screening, identical to ASA intentionally sending her onto the worldwide stage despite the probability of controversy
  • The subsequent examination, which disclosed a host of mismanagement and monetary issues
  • Everybody getting fired
  • Then Blade Runner shooting his girlfriend with a door

But on Friday, pole vaulter Jan Blignaut won a huge claim where the courts bought ASA to pay what totals up to nearly $1 million US Blignaut, who suffered head injuries at a satisfy in Pretoria in 2009, has supposedly required the money be paid instantly.

The ruling, The New Zealand Herald reports, has the ASAs attorney asking for a stay of execution, anticipating the settlement would force the organization into liquidation in order to settle its debts.

The ASA has actually sought suggestions from the IAAF, claiming that the case should have been settled with arbitration, not in civil court, per IAAF policies. Its not clear, however, if the state can be overthrown now that the court has currently reached a judgment.

So ends an extremely bad week for Sports South Africa. If history is any sign, it most likely wont be a the last.

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If you like foreign movies however dislike taking a trip further north than I-105, the South Bay Movie Society’s got your back.

Randy Berler, creator of the South Bay Film Society and curator of each movie, has actually been drawing in foreign and indie movie enthusiasts to Torrance for 2 years. The society has some L.a movie premieres under its belt and an e-mail list of even more than 2,000 moviegoers.

Berler stated the film society has about two screenings a month.

Berler addressed a couple of questions recently about what stimulated the South Bay Film Society and exactly what will be on the silver screen in October:

Q. How did you come up with the concept for the South Bay Movie Society? How did it get begunbegin?

A. It got begun practically unintentionally. More than 2 years ago I had currently retired. I ‘d constantly had a love of film, and I worked briefly in modifying.

I just really didn’t like having to drive to West LA to see the types of movies I such as, which are generally indie and foreign films. It didn’t appear to make sense to me the theaters just weren’t revealing those films down here. There’s 80-some screens in the South Bay, and not a single screen would show these movies.

I saw an article about an online company called … and the concept was to link movies to individuals in regional neighborhoods. … I revealed “Red” from the 3 Colors trilogy, and I promoted it as an effort to obtain brand-new foreign films into the South Bay. Individuals really reacted to that. I didn’t understand we ‘d even have a show, but it offered out quite quickly.

After a while, I recognized I didn’t require an intermediary; I could do this myself. I started talking with representatives and selling the tickets online. … Now I normally sell out two theaters for each movie.

Q. Were you shocked about the success of the film society?

A. I was certainly amazed. It turns out there were a lot of people that were like myself. There were people who didn’t desire to drive on the freeway to West LA or Santa Monica – it’s a challenging drive to see a motion picture, especially if there’s traffic. …

Normally when you go to the theater, it’s fulled of unfamiliar people and usually not offered out. However right here, individuals understand each other and talk with each other. You’re filling the theater up – it becomes like a community, where individuals … are engaging in conversations.

Q. About how lots ofthe number of individuals will go to a screening?

A. I generally sell about 360 tickets.

Q. How do you choose which movies to reveal?

A. I’m constantly taking a look at what’s dipping into movie festivals. I’m checking out evaluations. I know all the representatives, so I know what they have actually got coming out and I’m taking a look at what the Laemmle’s shows. … If we find a film we like and will work for our audience, we book it. This implies I’ll often reserve movies previously much is understood about them, but on the other hand I’ll simply reserve a film that is getting wonderful reviews.

Virtually never do we show a film we have not seen ourselves first. It’s very unusual I would do that anymore.

Q. Exactly what films do you have lined up for next month?

A. In October, I have actually a documentary called “The Environment-friendly Prince.” It’s a remarkable motion picture about the son of among the leading Hamas leaders who became an informant for the Shin Bet, the Israeli CIA. It has to do with his handler and these two people who were in this odd relationship. … They ended up being extremely close, and it’s an actually fascinating documentary.

The subject and the story are fantastic. We’ll be showing that on Oct. 15. I have actually the theater booked for Oct. 29, however I have not selected a movie yet. Hopefully that will alter in the next few weeks if I’m lucky.

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The war on medicines is a cruel joke. The US invests more than $50 billion a year on the war on medicines with the goal of creating a drug-free society– yet there has never ever been a drug-free society in the history of civilization. Essentially everyone take drugs each and every single day. Caffeine, sugar, liquor, marijuana, Prozac, Ritalin, opiates and nicotine are just a few of the substances that Americans use on a routineregularly.

Drugs are so popular because people use them for both satisfaction and for pain. Drugs can be fun. How numerousThe number of of us enjoy having some beverages and going out dancing? How manyThe number of people delight in a little smoke after a good dinner with friends? Numerous individualsLots of people bond with others or find inspiration alone while under the influence of medicines. On the flip side, many peoplelots of people self-medicate to try to ease the discomfort in their lives. How manyThe number of people have had too much to consume to drown our griefs over a break up or some other unpleasant occasion? How numerousThe number of people smoke cigarettes or take prescription medicines to deal with stress and anxiety or tension? Throughout recorded history, people have inevitably altered their awareness to drop off to sleep, get up, offerhandle anxiety, and for innovative and spiritual functions.

The substantial majority of Americans concur that the drug war is not working. So how should our society deal with people who use medicines? I suggest three basic options: 1) Offer treatment and empathy to individuals who really want help for their medicine problems; 2) leave people alone who do not desire or require treatment; and 3) continue to hold individuals accountable for crimes that hurt others.1) Offer treatment and empathy to individuals who have medicine troubles. While our society offers lip-service to helpingto assisting people struggling with medicine misuse or addiction, 90 percent of folks who want treatment cant get it. On the other hand, countless individuals are compelled into treatment every year simply because they were arrested for drug possession, even though many of them don’t meet the diagnostic criteria for compound dependence.

We must have complimentary treatment on demand. We need to eliminate obstacles to getting in treatment, which is far less pricey than criminalization. We requirehave to reduce overdose deaths by getting the overdose turnaround drug Naloxone into the hands of people who utilize opiates and their familyrelative. We need laws that enable people to call 911 when witnessing an overdose without fear of arrest. We ought to make methadone and replacement treatment available to those who desire it. We need to acknowledge that relapse occurs and not kick people from treatment who slip up.2) Leave alone individuals who do not desire or require treatment. Many individualsMany individuals are shocked to discover that the large majority of people who utilize drugs do not have problems from their use. As Columbia neuroscientist Dr. Carl Hart frequently points out, the federal governments own information reveals the overwhelming bulk (80-90 percent) of all medicine use is not troublesome or a measure of obsession.

More than 1.5 million people are arrested every year in the US simply for medicine possession. Young individualsYouths– particularly those who are black and Latino– feel the brunt of drug enforcement. Regardless of similar rates of use, African Americans are 13 times more most likelymore probable to be jailed for drug use. The majorityMost of these individuals don’t have medicine problems but we are handcuffing them and saddling them with criminal records that will significantly limit their chances in life.3) Continue to hold individuals responsible for criminal activities that harm others. People who harm others, whether on medicines or not, require to be held liablecalled to account. Merely making use of or possession medicines must not be cause for arrest, but if someone gets behind the wheel while harmed, or commits a predatory or violent criminal offense versus somebody, they ought to continue to be held liable.

The war on medicines is actually a war on us. It is time to stop jailing people simply for using or having medicines. Lets aid people with medicine issues, leave in peace those without an issue, and hold liable those who damage others.

Tony Newman is the director of media relations at the Medicine Policy Alliance(

This first appeared on the Drug Policy Alliance Blog:

The Nashville Sounds made their deal with Oakland Sports authorities Tuesday morning as they signed a four-year contract.

The partnership was previously announced recently after the Sounds parted methods with the Milwaukee Brewers.

“We are delighted to start this new relationship with the As, who hold an exciting future on both the significant league and minor league levels,” Sounds owner Frank Ward previously said.

Oakland is the 7th various major league club the Sounds have been connected with since the franchise started in 1978.

The Nashville Sounds will certainly announce their training staff for the 2015 period later this fall.

The Sounds will certainly open their 2015 period at their brand-new stadium located at the former Sulphur Dell website.

Cartoon Network was demoing video games at PAX Prime this past weekend, and theres a pair of particularly interesting titles from fascinating designers that are pertaining to iOS in the future. Adventure Time Game Wizard is a game-creation device thats being made by Pixel Press, and Steven Universe: Attack the Light is an RPG from Grumpyface, who have actually made some excellent games for Animation Network and Grownup Swim Games in the previous couple of years.

Adventure Time Video game Wizard is made by Pixel Press, who produced Pixel Press Floors [Free], which launched a couple of months back. This game is based on the very same innovation, which makes it possible to draw video game levels utilizing notation for various in-game aspects, either drawing in-game or on a printed graph paper sheet that can be recorded by way of an AR camera. SimplyRecently, it will certainly be possible to make use of Experience Time characters and settings to develop worlds. This wont simply be a slapped-on license, as the core Pixel Press tech is getting upgraded, with even more developer tools, multi-page level design, the ability to develop levels on iPhone as well as iPad, and more.

Grumpyface, understood for their deal with games like Castle Doombad [$ 2.99], Super Mole Escape [Free], and Mutant Fridge Chaos [$ 0.99], are helping out with Experience Time Game Wizard, offering it the in-depth animation that their games are understood for:

Game Wizard is anticipated this winter. Too, Grumpyface is at work on Steven Universe: Attack the Light, an RPG based upon the series from Rebecca Sugar, who contributed to a few of Adenture Times finest episodes. The story team behind the program is likewise working on an initial story for the video game. No release date for this one yet.

An activist and his secular foundation are investing hundreds of countless dollars on a project intended at fightingresisting against anti-atheist discrimination.

Todd Stiefel, the well-known millionaire atheist whom TheBlaze first profiled back in 2012, is intending to raise $500,000 through the Stiefel Freethought Foundation to help fund Freely Secular, his new effort aimed at creating a more favorable picture of nonbelievers in American society.

“The reasoning behind it is that there’s a lot of discrimination against a great deal of different groups in this county,” he told TheBlaze, keeping in mind that he thinks predispositions against atheists are often both widespread and considered socially appropriate.

The point of the project, he said, is for nonbelievers to be more open about who they are and what they believe, so that those around them much better understand that they, too, can be moral people.

“If daily atheists, agnostics, humanists or other nonreligious people [stop hiding] what they believe, [others] can acknowledge that we are good,” Stiefel said.

He added that one of his central objectives is to assist people recognize that they don’t have to concur on theology in order to accept and like one another.

And Stiefel has actually designed and launched a social networks campaign to assist spread that word.

“We are doing a very enormous online project. We have actually likewise launched an online video campaign,” he stated. “We’ve created over 150 videos that we have produced ourselves. Individuals can record their own videos. We have actually gotten over 100 out already.”

Amongst those portrayed in the clips are former NFL player Chris Kluwe and ex-congressman Barney Frank, who both accept a “nonreligious” worldview.

Watch Kluwe, who says he’s “cheerfully agnostic,” below:

Stiefel stated that Honestly Nonreligious will be deemed a success when atheists have the ability to be open with close friends and familyfamily and friends without being shunned, experiencing rifts in their marital relationships or being dealt with in a different way due to their decision to reject a greater power.

The University of Kansas guys and womens basketball teams will ceremoniously tip off their 2014-15 seasons at the 30th yearly Late Night in the Phog Friday, Oct. 10, in Allen Fieldhouse.

The 2014 Late Night in the Phog, presented by Hy-Vee, will run from 6:30 pm to around 9:30 pm Admission is totally free and will remain a ticketless, first-come, first-served occasion; no re-entry passes will certainly be dispersed. Doors will certainly open at 3 pm, and kids 12 and under will not be confessed without an accompanying adult. The Fieldhouse doors will certainly be closed when the field reaches capability.
Kansas Athletics has revealed it will certainly take extra steps to ensure the fun and security of all attending fans:
KU and Lawrence Public Security workers will certainly supply an increased presence.

  • Kansas Athletics will open the Allen Fieldhouse enchants early if warranted by a large-enough crowd of fans waiting to get in.
  • Kansas Athletics will certainly increase its communication with fans throughout the day, utilizing social networks, conventional media and on-site communication.
  • As on game nights, KU students will get in through their traditional different entryway on the northeast side of Allen Fieldhouse.
  • In anticipation of the construction of the DeBruce Center at the northeast corner of Allen Fieldhouse, employees have set up fencing that restricts access to some pathways adjacent to the Fieldhouse. The finestThe very best method for students to access their entrance, therefore, is to approach that entrance from the west side of the parking lot.
    With school in session Oct. 10, university parking area will certainly be restricted by license till 5 pm, with the exception of Lot 90 found across Naismith Drive from Allen Fieldhouse; that lot will be available for public parking at no charge starting at twelve noon. Public parking will certainly also be offered in the parking lot simply north of Allen Fieldhouse for Late Night in the Phog after 5 pm; expense will be $5 per vehicle.
    As is the custom at Late Night, fans are encouraged to bring nonperishable food items, which Kansas Sports will certainly donate to Simply Food of Douglas County. Simply Food will also be outside Allen Fieldhouse taking money donations for those not able to bring a food item.

    Time Warner Cable television SportsChannel will certainly manage the television production of Late Night, which will certainly be seen live on the Jayhawk TV Network, consisting of ESPN3. Nate Bukaty and previous guys basketball guard Greg Gurley will act as hosts. Additionally, 610 Sports Radio in Kansas City and KLWN Radio in Lawrence will certainly supply protection of the celebrations.

    The occasion will certainly feature music by the KU pep band, skits by both basketball groups, video highlights from KUs award-winning Rock Chalk Video department, coach and player introductions, scrimmages by the KU guys and womens groups, and much more.

    Demands for Indication Language Interpreting throughout Late Night festivities should be directed to Lorretta Zachary at [email protected] Requests have to be submitted to Zachary no later onbehind Sept. 30. The official online source for Kansas Sports, Williams Education Fund contributions, tickets, product, multimedia, images and much, a lot more.

    Six University of Kentucky greats, including former basketball player Keith Bogans, were named Wednesday as the schools 2014 Sports Hall of Fame Course.

    Bogans, who ranks 4th on UKs all-time scoring list at 1,923 points, used Elite Eight groups in 2000 and 2003 under coach Tubby Smith. As a senior, he balanced 15.7 points per video game on his way to making first-team All-SEC and third-team All-American. The Washington, DC, native played 11 years in the NBA.

    Bogans is signed up withparticipated the 2014 Hall of Fame course by Pat Etcheberry, (track and field), Marty Moore (football), Interest Richardson track and field), Terry Shumpert (baseball) and Sarah Witten (womens tennis).

    EVEN MORE UK BASKETBALL: UK basketball lastly falls in the Bahamas

    MORE UK BASKETBALL: Davis secret for U.S.A Basketball at FIBA World Cup

    Moore is possibly best-known as going last in the 1994 NFL draft. In spite of that, he earned an area on the New England Patriots roster and bet eight years in the league.

    Shumpert, an All-American known for his bat, was a second-round pick to the Kansas City Royals in 1987. He played 14 MLB periods for six teams, mainly as an utility gamer.

    After winning the 1996 SEC champion in javelin, Etcheberry went on to end up being UKs strength and conditioning coach. Richardson also went back to her alma mater as assistant track and field coach.

    Health just recently inducted 9 graduates and one administrator into its Hall of Fame.

    Barb Hodges (75): Lettered 12 times in 4 sports, led the basketball group to a 16-0 record her senior year.

    Jon Ansel (76): Four-time Licking County League champion in track, holding school records in 100 and 880 relay and was an all-Ohio defensive back in football.

    Mark Colopy (77): Four-sport athlete and ran cross country at Oral Roberts University.

    Jeff Maransky (79): Was an LCL champ in the discus in track and an all-Ohio receiver in football, obtaining 1,713 backyards in his profession.

    Craig White (79): Two times threw for 1,000 backyards in a period in football, three-time LCL champion in track.

    Scott Alpeter (82): Was LCL champ and all-Ohio in cross country, regional champion in track in the 3,200 and All-American at Otterbein.

    Ann Alpeter Moeller (85): Was all-Ohio in basketball, scoring over 1,000 points and all-league in volleyball and softball.

    Bob Jurden (85): Three-time all-league and all-Ohio his senior year in baseball, two-time all-league in basketball.

    Tammy Llewellyn (76): Certified for the state fulfill in track her senior year in the mile and mile relay.

    J. Robert Hughes: Long time athletic director.