Kennedy Catholic High School’s Arts and Crafts Fair will be held on Saturday, Dec. 5, 2015, from 9 am – 4 pm

Enjoy holiday music, raffles and a delicious lunch.

Store from over 140 high quality suppliers and artists, a Holiday Bake Sale and more.

This festive occasion is one not to be missed.

Kennedy Catholic Arts and Crafts Fair will be at the schools campus, situated at 140 South 140th Street, Burien, 98168; -LRB-206-RRB- 246-0500.

In an interview with, New York Times writer Maureen Dowd assaulted Hollywood as an ill society that asserts to be liberal, however fails to treat ladies as equals in the film biz. Dowd cited the stunning statistic that in 2013 and 2014 just 1.9 percent of the directors of the 100 top-grossing films were women. Then she compared Hollywood to other ill societies like Saudi Arabia, and the Catholic Church.

Dowd said she found the circumstance depressing. The other two things I covered like this were Catholic Church and Saudi Arabia, she said in an interview with TheWrap. Someplace along the line I recognized wow, this exceptionally liberal town fullloaded with males who say theyre feminists has been distorted. Its an ill society like the Catholic Church and Saudi Arabia. If you omit the hearts and minds of ladies, you get distorted. Thats exactly what happened to Hollywood.

Dowd wrote a 70,000-word piece for Sundays New York Times Magazine after she invested six months interviewing dozens of executives, producers, authors, directors and actors about the sense of marginalization lots of ladies feel in the market.

Hollywood liberals likewise drew anti-Catholic examples:

Its kind of like the church, Anjelica Huston informed Dowd. They don’t desire us to be priests. They desire us to be obedient nuns.

QUETTA: Organisers of Civil Society of Balochistan have demanded better facilities for handicapped individuals in Balochistan.December 3 is observed

as International Day of Persons with Disabilities and it will mark the occasion as a starting indicate lobby for the rights of handicapped people in Balochistan, an organiser of the society, Sami Zarkoon said.According to data offered by the National Database and Registration Authority( NADRA)only 3,533 disabled individuals have CNICs in Balochistan, Zarkoon informed The Express Tribune.Lack of CNIC implies exclusion from all state-sponsored social and monetary benefits, he said.Another major problem

of handicapped people is entry in federal government buildings and educational organizations.

“We demand that disabled individuals friendly entry systems ought to be established in all buildings so that they are not discriminated in anyhow,”Zarkoon said.All the advantages that a disabled person can manage law can just be gettinged after getting proof of special needs from the district administration. The civil society members have condemned the sluggish process in providing evidence of disability and hired the federal government to remove administrative red-tape from the process and make life easy for handicapped people.Zarkoon likewise prompted all universities in Balochistan to guarantee hostel accommodations to all disabled people upon admission without any conditions.Civil Society Balochistan likewise appreciated the efforts of Quetta Online group of volunteers.Published in The Express Tribune, November 22 nd, 2015.

The University of New Mexicos Vice President for Athletics Paul Krebs has revealed that Stu Starner will step down from his position of Senior Partner Athletic Director for Advancement, and Kole McKamey, who has acted as Assistant AD for Major Gifts, will take over.

Both Starner and McKamey joined The University of New Mexico athletic department on April 6 of this year. Starner pertained to UNM after a long and prominent career in athletics, most recently with Texas Aamp; M, where he served with the 12th Male Structure at Texas Aamp; M from 2005-2013.

When we hired both Stu and Kole, we doinged this with the understanding that there would be a long-term technique that would serve to develop a sense of stability and durability in the Lobo Club, stated Paul Krebs. Stu offered our department with leadership and instructions, and now Kole is readyprepares to keep our Lobo Club objective. As a former student-athlete and a graduate, Kole has a vested interest in this university, and his experiences over the past year has him all set for this position.

Starner has also served with the structures at Eastern Michigan (Vice President for Improvement and Executive Director of the EMU Structure, 2002-2005), Houston (Chief Executive Officer, 2000-2002), Montana State (Director of Major Gifts, 1998-2000) and Texas-San Antonio (Partner Director for Development, 1995-1998).

He formerly functioned as the head mens basketball coach at both UTSA (1990-95) and Montana State (1983-90). He graduated from Minnesota-Morris with a Bachelor’s Degree in history and education, and he was a 2006 recipient of his alma maters Identified Alumni Award.

I am confident that Kole is well positioned to offer leadership in partnering with the numerous constituencies of the Lobo Club and our university, said Starner. As a graduate of The University of New Mexico, an exemplary former student-athlete and a member of the community, Kole, with support from personnel and the Lobo Club Board of Directors, can play a substantial role in growing our fundraising storage capacity.

McKamey, a previous highly-decorated UNM quarterback that led the Lobos to a pair of Bowl looks, is probably very well knowncalled the quarterback for the Lobos from 2002-06, serving as a group captain. McKamey was the Lobos MVP of the 2004 Emerald Bowl in San Francisco and he was welcomed to the Shrine Bowl in 2006. He likewise was a two-time Mountain West Gamer of the Week. McKamey is likewise understood to Lobo fans as the radio color expert for Lobo football from 2009-2011.

Its been an outright satisfaction not just getting to knowbeing familiar with Stu personally, however finding out from him professionally. Im sad to see him go, but this is exactly what I have actually aspired to do and absolutely nothing thrills me more than the opportunity to lead UNMs Athletic fundraising efforts, stated McKamey, including, I have an enthusiasm for this University, this State and this community. Im here making a distinction in the lives of our student-athletes and in our program. Im appreciative and I am blessed for this chance.

McKamey and his better half Sarah have two children, Peyton and Karsen.

Its tough to be a Scrooge when youre drinking hot cocoa and cuddling a fuzzy critter.

The Humane Society of Southwest Washington will bring a furry dosage of vacation joy to Clark County next month. In exchange for a generous contribution, the Vancouver nonprofit firm will deliver a batch of friendly puppies, kitties, pets or cats to your workplace party or event Dec. 16 or 17. Humane Society personnel and volunteers will treat you to cocoa and cookies while you enjoy the Cuddle Squads wiggly antics.

Its an enjoyable method to take our objective out to the public, said Denise Barr, the Humane Societys vice president and director of marketing. Its simply a great little young puppy and kitty fix.

The gos to also are great direct exposure for the animals, who will be up for adoption. Humane Society staffemployee cant anticipate the type or ages of the canines and cats on the Cuddle Squads it will depend on what animals are under the firms care at the time, Barr stated. Nevertheless, four to six animals are expected to be present for each check out. Several Cuddle Squads will be getting involved to make sure the animals get plenty of breaks.

As any animal fan understands, the moments spent nestling an adorable critter are priceless. But for the sake of fundraising, the Humane Society is requesting a donation of $200 for a 15-minute cuddle, $300 for Thirty Minutes and $600 for an hour.

To apply, go to and click Engage on the leading menu bar. Select events and then Cuddle Team. Applications must be submitted by Dec. 4.

Because a restricted variety of slots are readily available, only people who sign up for an hourlong cuddle are ensured a go to. The other candidates will be chosen based on their place in Clark County, because the Humane Society have to prepare an efficient driving route for stops. Candidates will be notified by Dec. 9 whether theyve been selected for a visit.

For more informationTo find out more, contact Sam Ellingson at [email protected] or 360-2132-2626.

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Kevin Costner took a break from Hollywood and ventured to Washington, DC last week on a book tour to promote his brand-new graphics adventure novel, The Explorers Guild: Volume One: A Passage to Shambhala. Co-author Jon Baird and illustrator Rick Ross joined him at the National Press Club in Washington, DC to speak about the book and their partnership.

Costner, the Academy Award winning director and star of Dancing with Wolves, and author Baird had tried to pitch the East meets West adventure set in the timeframe of World War I as an animation.

Nevertheless, Hollywood didnt understand this story, according to Costner. Baird explained the story as about a secret society of explorers seeking out concealed parts of the world and secret histories.

The 781-page, hardbound tome is in fact a graphics unique loadeded with early 20th century style comic strips. The unique attempts to bring timeless experience stories to a contemporary audience, while spanning old and brand-new strategies of storytelling. The book is designed to be appreciated and given for generations, as books remained in the past. Early 20th century design graphics by Ross are intended to bring a handcrafted sensation and visuals to the book. The hardback cover has a paper leaflet covering it. The idea is for the book to feel and look like one from the last few centuries that is intended to rest on the bookshelf and be checked out over and over. Costner and Baird likewise went over how nobody sits still anymore, especially to read or tell stories like they performed in the excellent ol days of book reading. The idea is to keep readers of all ages in place while checking out the book.

Costner and Baird stated they discovered and worked with the books illustrator Rick Ross by posting to Craigslist.

Costner and Baird worked as a composing team, with Baird improving Costners writing. It made me appear much smarter, joked the Academy Award winning star and director.

Costner said he enjoyed the physicality of heroes that used their wits and resources to get themselves out of difficulty. The setting of World War I worked since people at the time felt the world was at the edge, and the world was so much in doubt and much more than individuals desirewish to look back on. Costner stated he was comfy operating in that world with his characters.

A few weeks ago President Obama mocked Republicans who are “down on America,” and reinforced his message by doing a pretty excellent Bad-tempered Feline impression. He had a point: With job growth at rates not seen given that the 1990s, with the percentage of Americans covered by health insurance striking record highs, the doom-and-gloom forecasts of his political enemies look ever more at chances with fact.

Yet there is a darkness dispersing over part of our society. And we do not actually comprehend why.

Alt-rock band Tribe Society’s members have known each other for almost a years, but they released their debut mixtape, Delirium Sonata, specifically on Spotify only this year. The band is currently touring its new EP Lucid Dreams and is set to carry out Nov. 19 at the Below ground, 2011 W. North Ave. Tribe Society’s lineup includes lead singerprima donna Gavin Merlot, bass and guitarist Rory Provided, keyboardist Bradford Alderman, drummer Phil Boucher and keyboard and flutist Seth Hachen.

The band’s idiosyncratic noise is drawn from diverse influences consisting of psychedelic rock, ’80s anthems and hip-hop. People Society’s music aims to be thought-provoking without losing the energetic fun of rock ‘n’ roll in the procedureat the same time.

The Chronicle spoke with Merlot about People Society’s long-gestating development, artistic impacts and upcoming efficiency in Chicago.

THE CHRONICLE: How when did the band kind?

GAVIN MERLOT: [Provided] and [I] met when we were teens, and we played a great deal of punk-rock music in the basement. When [he] and I went to college, we met the rest of the individuals in the group. All of us transferred to New york city together to form this group, to get major and attemptaim to make something unique. We’ve understood each for a very long time, however the band is only about a years of age.

Where did the band’s name originated from?

Originally, we desired to call ourselves Tribes since a band basically is a tribe, and society is a collection of micro-tribes. It appearedappeared like something that might be viewed a lot of various methods, however the name People was taken, so Tribe Society seemed like the next finest thing.

How would you explain the band’s musical design?

We’re definitely a genre-bending band. Everybody in the band is a manufacturer, so we include a great deal of production. We borrow the production from electronic, hip-hop and psychedelic, and we try to keep the band [organic] by having live instrumentation on top of that production.

Who are a few of the band’s influences?

We have actually been really influenced by live comedians and comics in New York City. Rock bands in today’s world have stopped speaking about current concerns, however comedians have actually never ever failed to report and put their own artistic spin on what we’re going through and where we require to be.

Exactly what is the message of your music and exactly what do you hope it achieves?

Among the biggest issues we have actually discovered is the method technology has actually brought us together in particular methods however has actually likewise made us more different. It’s created a great deal of noise; It’s certainly a sound culture. We’re sidetracked by our own vanity. A phone might be a gadget that might link us or put infinite understanding at our fingertips, however instead we utilize them to seek acceptance through social media networks or take selfies. In today’s age, how do you cut through that and connect with other humans in a positive method?

What recommendations do you need to provide to striving artists?

Be strong and do not filter yourselves. Do not ever think that if you lie about a part of yourself, you’ll be more easily accessible. Things you decide to filter out may be the most essential or fascinating parts of your character. Do not be scared to express what you truly feel is essential.